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Who Am I?

Hi I'm Sedky, a technical enthusiast, and solutions architect at Tyk, the best APIM platform in the world!

- I love to learn and teach, especially when it comes to my passion, software.

- I love to talk about infrastructure, containerization, programming, and everything Serverless / Cloud.

- I love to build things. For myself and the community.

Solution Architect


Advocate Coffee Consumer

What I do?

Problems I like solving.

Software Engineering

Across the stack, including responsive web development

Infrastructure Planning

Platform planning, from failover, redundancy, high availability, and extreme TPS environments

Solutions Architecting

Gathering business requirements and translating that into written technical specifications

Presentation Skills

Excellent communication and presentation skills in front of large and medium sized crowds, from developers to the C-suite

Containerization (Docker & K8S)

Deep experience in containers and container orchestration platforms like Docker and Kubernetes (K8S)

Cloud Services

AWS Certified, GCP, Azure, DigitalOcean, and more. Talk to me about everything serverless.

Pull Requests
Code Commits
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Western University
Western University 09/2011 - 06/2015 Bachelor of Computer Science (BsCs)
  • Major in Computer Science
My Work

Recent Work

Tyk Operator

Core Maintainer

A Kubernetes Operator designed to maintain your Tyk Configurations using K8S native tooling


Chief Technology Officer

Infinitely scalable marketplace built for the Middle East.



Recipe aggregator and lookup tool.

Recent Blog

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Posts regarding all things software development and devops.

APIM @ Tyk

read about API management, sponsored by Tyk. Touching on authentication, performance testing, and more.

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Other software development focused articles

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